Healthy Commuting

When I asked Jim what he liked most about living at Sedona Heights, he said, the commute. Not something I was used to hearing in congested Vancouver. But in the Okanagan, commuting has a very different feel. Jim commutes from Summerland to Keremeos every weekday, about a 45 minute scenic drive through the Similkameen Valley. Instead of bumper to bumper traffic, this commute is full of orchards and farms, lakes and rivers, quaint towns, Big Horn sheep and mountain goats clinging to mountain cliffs. Keremeos is home to some of the best fruit stands in the Okanagan. Many of the farmers there are fixtures at the Penticton Farmers Market.

In the morning Jim has his road coffee, the drive helps him to wake up, he told me. And at the end of the day, it helps him to unwind. He used to live a few minutes from work, but he said, he would often be cranky when he got home. Now he has transition time, so when he steps through the door, he’s ready to pitch in, help get dinner ready, or suggest to his wife that they go out for the evening.

A healthy commute? Who knew there was such a thing.

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